Bauhaus Radiant Gas

Boasting clean angles and lines and a simple, yet iconic design the Bauhaus is sure to suit a wide range of décor styles. This timeless classic is available in log & coal options and two great finishes.

Bauhaus Radiant Gas

Available Types: NG - Class 1 (full depth), NG - Class 2 (slimline)

Fuel Bed Option: Coal or Pebbles

Control Type: Manual

Output: Class 1 - 3.5kW, Class 2 - 3.2kW

Installation: Inset

Opening Dimensions Class 1: Height - min 540mm max 575mm Width - min 375mm max 450mm

Opening Dimensions Class 2: Height - min 540mm max 575mm Width - min 350mm max 450mm

Gas - Bauhaus Chrome Trim finish Polished Chrome

Full-depth (class 1) radiant gas - coalPG073 
Slimline (class 2) radiant gas - coalPG074 
Full-depth (class 1) radiant gas - pebblePG073/P 
Slimline (class 2) radiant gas - pebblePG074/P 

Gas - Bauhaus Brass Trim finish Brass

Full-depth (class 1) radiant gas - coalPG071 
Slimline (class 2) radiant gas - coalPG072 
Full-depth (class 1) radiant gas - pebblePG071/P 
Slimline (class 2) radiant gas - pebblePG072/P 

 Bauhaus Full Depth Gas Installation and Maintenance Instructions

 Bauhaus Radiant Gas

Bauhaus Slimline Gas Installation and Maintenance Instructions -



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