Novo 600 Flueless Gas Stove

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Novo 600 Flueless Stove

The Novo 600 flueless gas stove has all the looks and presence of a real wood burner but without the drawbacks of a solid fuel stove. Its solid cast body is available in matt black or semi-gloss white. Its large glass viewing window allows the fire to be enjoyed to the full and comes with two door designs of either open or arch. The overall aesthetic is further enhanced by the addition of matching high quality brushed stainless steel handle and slide control.

The flueless stove engine features all the benefits of innovative catalytic technology; 100% efficiency, reduced running costs, simple installation and a new clean burning ribbon burner. Flueless gas stoves require a minimum room size of 35m3 (typically 12’6” x 12’6” x 8’) and 100cm2 of purpose provided ventilation.

Novo 600 Flueless Gas Stove

Fuel Bed Option: Supplied with log effect fuel bed

Control Type: Slide

Output:  2.8kW

Energy Rating:

Novo 600 Flueless Gas Stove

Novo 600 Flueless Gas Stove

Novo 600 Flueless Gas StoveCC040/BL

Novo 600 Flueless Gas StoveCC039/BL

Novo 600 Flueless Gas StoveCC040/WH

Novo 600 Flueless Gas StoveCC039/WH